ASUS Notebook Battery Replacement Program


ASUS has discovered that a notebook battery manufactured by a third-party vendor in 2007 may, under rare conditions and after long-term use, pose a safety risk.

In order to ensure the safety of our customers, ASUS is voluntarily providing a free replacement for all affected batteries.

This replacement program is only applicable to batteries manufactured in 2007 by a third-party vendor and distributed with the following model series: 

-> PRO52  
-> X51

*. Users of notebooks that fall outside the above criteria can continue to use their notebooks with complete peace of mind.

We encourage owners of notebooks that meet these criteria for following instructions on how to verify if their batteries are affected, and how to obtain a free replacement

0. Please print out a copy of the following steps. 

1. Save and close all open programms

2. Shutdown your operating system and switch off your notebook.

3. Pull the plug of your power supply out of the electrical outlet. 

4. Shut the display and and turn your notebook upside down. On the backside you will find a sticker with the notebook serial. Note it down, please 


5. Please remove the battery from the notebook (refer to manual for further information) 

6. On one side of the battery pack you will find a sticker with the battery serial. 


If the serial starts with the following characters -> 07G016QG1865M00A note down the last nine characters as well, please.

In this case the battery pack should no longer be used inside the notebook until you have finished the verification process. You can drive your notebook by connecting the power supply. 

7. With the two noted serials you can check at the next page if the used battery pack has to be replaced.